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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

You think taking the first step is hard? Try polishing up and paying a great deal of attention to the final touches. I see how the devil is in the details because this devil came at me full throttle with a trident and a red cap leaving my not-so-precise self drowning knee-deep- !No...drowning neck-deep in crossing the t's and dotting the i's. In a nutshell, my meticulousness fits in a nut shell, I'm not even kidding!

I have been pregnant with this going-green blogging idea for a reallllly long time (it would be embarrassing to say how long). My gestation period has been quite the experience and this baby is long overdue. The labor was especially nerve-racking; I've been splitting hairs for 8 long months. It is hilarious now, but it sure wasn't back when I was going through the motions. So it's about that darn time to birth it.

Honestly, it feels like that moment on the very edge of a cliff before you dive into the ocean, when your heart is thumping, palms get sweaty, lips are trembling, breath is bated... It is all-systems-go in your mind, but your soul frantically wants to jump out of its meat cage because the adrenaline is kicking in. All your have to do is just take that leap of faith! It is way easier than it sounds. Oh and in case you are wondering, I have never jumped off a cliff or anything close to that. Blame the vertigo. Nevertheless, here I am ready to dive in deep, knowing that I will never run out of excuses to chicken out and there is no such thing as being ready or waiting for things to be perfect. Besides, perfect is oh so boring and the beauty is in the chaos!

"I cannot resist the urge to vomit my thoughts down on paper"

So this is my open diary, which is very similar to my personal diary, where I cannot resist the urge to vomit my thoughts down on paper since freezing my memories in words is definitely my thing. Yes, I am a serial diarist and have been for many years. It keeps me sane and level-headed.Overtime, I lost my ability to Rumpelstiltskin words; you know-turn them into gold (see what I did there *wink*?) This would be an amazing way to flex that muscle while talking about the thing I am passionate about-taking care of our planet. My goal is to document my journey in the most raw way possible without losing my originality. Will I bend like the willow, or stand firm like the oak? Well, there's only one way to find out. Let's go on an adventure, shall we?

Yours truly,


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1 comentário

21 de ago. de 2019

Congratulations. I like the blog. It has aroused a passion in me for the environment.😀👍

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