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Revelations from my hermit mode.

Every so often, I find myself in a reflective mode before big and daunting life moments for instance, my birthday and every new year. I guess I like the magic of new beginnings, the promise of fresh starts and the thrills of the what-ifs. However, the magic usually comes with its challenges. The main one is fear. I get so scared at the thought of never achieving some of the things I want the most out of life. And I know I am not the only one. When life gets overbearing, I trick myself by slashing my ginormous goals into bite-sized ones. That way, I really can give myself many pats on the back for doing small yet important tasks that get me a step closer to my goals.

The first quarter of my 2020 started on such a high tempo and it would suck for it to simmer down. So this post will be short but intense as I am going to list my targets for the rest of this year. Let's not call them resolutions because...well, just because I do not feel like doing so. So after going into hermit mode for months, my list was born from the depths of solitude and soul searching. Here goes my list (some are vague, others very detailed):

1. Work on at least two ecowarrior projects.

2. Plant more trees.

3. Dive deeper into research about the Renewable Energy Sector.

4.Swap from plastic to eco-friendly alternatives.

5. Take a trip or two (or lots) to research eco-friendly living.

6. Consistency in my blogging.

7. Push myself beyond my comfort zone and plunge deeper into things & topics that are challenging.

8. Volunteer- animal shelters of all sorts.

9. Be intentional about every single thing I purchase.

10. Take part in a vegan challenge.

11. Be unapologetic about being an eco-warrior.

12. Build the ecowarriorkenya brand and embody all aspects of being an eco-warrior.

13. Do lots of research and back it with numbers on scientific eco-topics.

14. The most crucial goal is to not lose sight of these goals and to always put my best foot forward.

I permit you to hold me accountable if I do not fulfill these 14 things. Otherwise, my wish is that this 2020 will lead you to where you are truly meant to be, that it will reveal to you who you truly are and that it will be kind enough to teach you the lessons that you need to move forward. I hope you find the courage to break beyond the fear that is holding you back. Always remember that it is only but an illusion.

PC: mondo_amos (IG)

Now let's get to work!

Yours truly.

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